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Ladder Tournament FAQs

Q: Why play only one 8-game no-advantage Pro-Set?

A: It generates more upsets and thus more ladder activity. Also, it is better for out-of-shape doubles players, and there are a lot of us. Players can always play practice sets after the ladder set.

Q: What will be the split of the prize money / awards?

A: All money taken in will be given back as small awards such as plaques or certificates. The split will be among the top half players. Here is an example:
        20 players on ladder = 10 players will be awarded.
        6 Men at 4.5       #1, 2, 3 awarded
        5 Men at 4.0      #1, 2 awarded
        4 Men at 3.5       #1, 2 awarded
        2 Women at 4.5   #1 awarded
        3 Women at 4.0   #1, 2 awarded

Q: What if I don't have an NTRP rating?

A: The players who know you will estimate your rating.

Q: Why not have separate ladders for each rating category?

A: It's more fun. Due to various styles, some players may find they can move up the ladder by beating players out of their category more easily than players within their category.

Q: Why do I have to wait seven days before I can ask for a re-match?

A: It keeps two players from playing each other exclusively. It also gives you time to think clearly before you hurt yourself again.