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Rules of the Never-Ending Tennis Ladder

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The standard rules of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) apply to ladder matches. Play will be one 8-game Pro-set with no-ad scoring (12 point tie-breaker at 8 all). If both players agree, they can choose to play 2 out of 3 regular scoring. (reasoning)


New players wanting to join the ladder are allowed two unrestricted challenges anywhere on the ladder. If they lose both matches they will be placed on the bottom of the ladder.

Every player is allowed one unrestricted challenge per 3 months. They do not accumulate. If a player challenges more than 10 rungs above him, he will move up only 10 rungs, and the challenged player drops one rung.


Awards, internet immortality, and the utmost respect will be lauded upon the top half of the players in each category (such as top 4.0 males, etc.) Example here. The awards will be


You may challenge any player on the ladder who is within five rungs above your rung (#7 may challenge #2-6). Players have three days to accept the challenge and schedule the match, and two weeks to complete the match.

Challenges are normally restricted to opponents who are no more than five rungs higher at the time the challenge is issued. Players may be separated by more than five rungs by the time the match is completed if the additional separation is due to ladder activity between the time of challenge and the time of completion. Example: If player #9 challenges player #6 on the ladder, but in the meantime player 6 beats player 4 and moves out of reach (more than three rungs on the ladder), the match between 9 and 4 must still be played as it was scheduled in good faith.

A player may make only one outstanding challenge, and may be obligated to only two outstanding challenges at any one time. You may decline a challenge if: (a) you are already obligated to two challenges, (b) you have defeated the challenger within the previous fourteen days. A rematch can not be scheduled for seven days (reasoning).

The top five players may challenge 5 rungs below them on the ladder (i.e: #1 may challenge #6). This ensures they will not lose ranking due to inactivity. Challenging below you does not relieve you of the responsibility to accept two challenges from lower ranked players.

When you email someone to challenge them, or when reporting ladder match scores, cc the ladder webmaster, xxx, and ladder organizer, yyy . Results will be posted on the website.

The challenged players gets to choose the site, date and time for the match; however, the time and location should be mutually agreeable to both players. In the rare case that a time and location can not be agreed upon, the match will be played at Oxnard Tennis Center on Saturday morning at 9am. If all courts are taken, it shall be played in the next available time slot after 9am.

The challenger provides one can of new balls for the match.

Ladder Movement

Players must play at least one match every two weeks or they will be lowered one rung for every two weeks inactivity. 

If the challenger loses to the lower ranked player, the lower ranked player moves up only one rung, the challenger down one rung.

FORFEITS A player forfeits a match if: (a) he illegitimately refuses a challenge, (b) he fails to give his opponent a 48 hour notice that he cannot appear for a scheduled match, (c) he is more than 15 minutes late for the scheduled match. Recent injury, sudden illness or family crisis are not a cause for forfeit if the match is promptly rescheduled. A forfeiter is penalized five ladder positions. A forfeit is not a win for the forfeitee.


The winner of the match is responsible for reporting the results within 24 hours, by emailing one of the ladder coordinators, and providing the following information: date of the match, winner's name, loser's name, and the match score. Use the Report form.

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