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Myth: Buy a Racquet That is "Forgiving"


I've seen the ads that state, 'This racket is forgiving'. I could never understand what the manufacturers meant, but I do know that many customers have misinterpreted what they think it will do for them. There are those who feel that the racket will actually make corrections when the ball is struck incorrectly.

If the ball is on the racket strings only four milleseconds, the racket, even if it has some amazing computer chip embedded, doesn't have an opportunity to make adjustments that will re-direct the ball. If a person could buy a racket that could cause the ball to lock itself inside tennis strings and then be shot out of the racket at a later time, that theory might hold some water.

The bottom line is that when one buys an expensive frame, strings the racket with patterns that will generate the greatest ball speed, and strikes the ball incorrectly, the ball will simply sail further out of court. My advice would not be to stare at your racket when making an error, but rather to look into the mirror and get a good look at the real culprit.