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Creating Shot Responses

Creating shot responses from your opponent during the course of a point will increase your chances to dictate play and control the flow of the match. Your first goal is to place your serve and your return of serve to your opponents forehand or backhand. Your placed shot will create patterned responses from your opponent. Every player has patterns and will respond to your shots based upon these - learn the patterns and use them to get the ball into positions on the court from where you can attack. If you draw your shots in your mind before the points begin you will be able to place your shots better and control the shot responses from your opponent. Try visualizing your first two placements and your opponent's responses before you serve or return serve. This will set you into a flow of the match and give you three advantages:

1) Your first step to the ball will be quicker

2) keeps your head in the match by having a game plan

3) keeps you focused on the present moment. Knowing tendencies, patterns and generating the shot response you want from your opponent will give you the advantage and allow you to control the point.

: If you and your opponent are right handed and you have a strong backhand what shot should you hit to set-up your big time two-hander top-spin?

Playing Hints: How to win more games sets and matches with your new Blackburne. Firstly, you will find that your game will feel much more open and free, since the worries of hitting the frame are gone. Your racquet has no protruding frame. No more embarrassing and infuriating frame shots. You will find indeed that your whole game will improve as you develop the racquet's advantages from your own personal experience on court.