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 2011 year-ending NTRP ratings (excel format)

USTA 2011 Southern California Sectional Regulations



NTRP ratings FAQ (what affects my NTRP rating?)

Oxnard Infirmary "Over 55" - 2013

Oxnard "Infirmary" (Seniors) 2012

Oxnard Super Seniors 2012 Team

Women's 2011 Conejo Team Wins League

Oxnard "Infirmary" (Seniors) 2011

Oxnard Super Senior 2011 "Swat Team"

Ladies Team, April 2009 - Conejo League Champions

Brent's 4.5 Team, April 5, 2009

Oxnard DieHards 2009

Westlake Germs - commentary on League cheating, May 2008

USTA Leagues

      OTC Teams: USTA Spring 2007 (Mens 3.5, Womens 4.5, Mens 4.0)

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        OTC2004: mixed doubles 2004