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  Get Into Tennis Cliff Richards recommends tennis to children to provide an interest, a chance to succeed, an opportunity to meet new friends and a healthy and active lifestyle;
   Where to Begin, Playing the Game, Rules of Tennis, LTA Mini Tennis, Bounceathon, Top Tips  
Glossaries from Hickoksports, Bella online,
    Tennis racket terms from About Tennis
Seeding - the origins
American Sports Builders Association ASBA   the centralized source for information on tennis court and track guidelines for builders, manufacturers, professionals and consumers;  Useful data (court size, shape.....)
Fundamentals from BBC Sport
Build your own Court if you really need to do it
Tennis The Game from Info Please; Introduction, Rules, Equipment, History
Tennis basics from Bella Online; a good introduction and lots of articles
10 weirdest moments in Tennis History from the Guardian - did you know?
Miscellaneous Information from - scoring, seeding, tie-break rules, world team tennis
All About Tennis  Tennis information, trivia, and tips about anything related to tennis. Includes tips in buying tennis ball machine, tennis racquet, tennis apparel, .............
   Forums get answers to questions or air your views...


  Lawn Tennis Forums  general, players, tournaments
Racquety-yak message board
Tennis Forum Frigate
UK Talk Sports - Tennis
World Sports Pub Tennis Forum
   History of Tennis know the background                     Scoring history


  LTA Index of Tennis History  12th Century origins, lawn tennis ball development,  origins of scoring and seeding, the tie break
The Driftway Collection celebrating  the history of lawn tennis, by exhibiting in galleries, and appearing in publications and on television around the world 
Tennis Hall of Fame   preserving the history of tennis; "a shrine to the ideals of the game."
Tennis About coverage of Tennis History  Evolution of Tennis Racquets; The early origins
Book list for research
Scoring System Origins from Answebag. From LTA
   See also Ask Oxford  Wikipedia
   Improve your game through online coaching advice.  See also Coaching  and Commercial sites


        Specfic Topics:   Exercises  Mental Aproach  Tennis Ratings   Children and Tennis  Backhand
  Tennis 4 Everyone  from David Sammel, the former ATP tour coach and professional tennis player;  information online and help to improve all aspects of your tennis: Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical
Articles useful information for coaches and players from Coaches Info Service
Tennis resources from Tennis Thing; has free online information in the form or articles and tutorials and provides online coaching for paid members
Photo-based Tennis lessons online from the About Tennis team - all the strokes and grips with related articles;  Reference Information and research covering stokes and grips
             Learn and Improve forehands, backhands, serves, volleys, overheads, and specialty shots. Develop better strategies for singles and doubles at any level, beginner through advanced
Backhand - one hand or two - these articles discuss the issues
   One hands or Two from TheTennisSource recommends both and explains why
   Mastering the two-handed backstroke from Dummies "which one should you play? First, listen to your instincts...."
   Wikipedia presents the alternative grips and the players with great backhands
   The Tennis About team presents the pros and cons with some videos to help
   Nick Bollettieri,  tennis coach discuses the contact points for the one-hanbed stroke
   The Herald Tribune  looks at the successes with alternative approaches in the French Open 2002
Exercises - prepare yourself for the game and reduce injury
   Exercises from physiotherapists to strengthen the key joints and muscles
   Tennis Exercises from RCS
   Tennis Elbow - exercises to strengthen and improve recovery
   Tennis Elbow what you need to know, from NisMat
   Keeping Tennis Elbow at arms length   from Sports Medicine
   Training Exercises for Racket Sports  from NetFit
   How to Warm up and other aticles from JB's Tennis shop
Mental Approach to the game
  Mental Equipment Archives tackle the psychology of the game - from Tennis Server
  also Turbo-Tennis archive for improving technical skills.
   Mental exercises to improve your game David Raney provides easy techniques and drills to improve your approach to the game.
   Tennis Mind Game Articles on inner game, tennis for beginners and tennis tips on how to make your mind your best ally.
Mr Tennis Australia Mark Rothwell, covers online tips, tactics and tricks. "100 Plus Tennis Tips covering all aspects of the game, designed for all players, Beginners to International Standard, all sizes, shapes and ages. You may not agree with some, but study them, and your game will improve in some way" Operation Doubles  very detailed online advice with illustrations covering all aspects of doubles play
Quick Tips and   Tennis Lessons,  from Tennis
Racquety Yak tips. message board, Live Chat
Revolutionary Tennis online instruction for both tennis pros and recreational players that explains a new and easier way to improve your tennis strokes, your consistency, court coverage, and power.
Scoring - for beginners
Strategic Tennis concepts helping you to think through and analyse your game
Tennis Ratings - see below
Tennis 4, dedicated to improving your tennis experience and your game. Got a problem with your serve? We have the easiest to follow products to help with any technical  problem and free help as well. Inside Story lets you in on pro tennis in a unique experience that 'captures the soul of tennis' . Free email newsletters with the latest inside stories and tennis tips.
TennisONE - on-line tennis lessons and information. Need to become a paid member for wider access. 'Ask the Pro' (for an annual fee).
Tennis Skills nicely presented by the BBC Sport Academy, along with Masterclass and Training
Tennis Tips from Greenlees Park Tennis Club, Sydney, Australia - very informative text to improve all aspects of your game - footwork, stoke playing, tossing the ball, anticipation, poaching......
Tennis Instruction Online from Teaching Tennis;  The Game, The Basics, Different Levels, Body, Mind Spirit
Tennis 4 You  instructional tennis articles from some of the best sources on the web; ask the experts and tips, drills and exercises to improve your game
Tennis 4 Everyone  from David Sammel who has coached seven British Davis Cup players; Totally original and exclusive content of tennis coaching analysis and tips, emerging talents, interviews, tour diaries, products and a new, paid membership area with masses of further, advanced content!
Coaching Children
  Little Tennis includes a structured program of lessons and play designed to move children ages 3-10 quickly through the transitional stages of graduated equipment to full-court tennis. Teacher's resources
  Tips for teaching tennis to young beginners  from the About team; "To ensure success, use progressions,  ..... start simple, small, and easy."
  Teaching tennis to younger kids from TennisOne - philosophy and application; David Brouwer shares some of his personal philosophies on teaching 4-6 year olds as well as some warm up games and stroke games that work well for him.
  Tennis Ratings
    ITN International On Court Assessment Database This website allows you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses of your ITN On Court Assessment in relation to your International Tennis Number in the same manner as thousands of players from all around the world - essential for all International competitors
International Tennis Numbers (ITN) - 1 to 10; descriptions of standards, conversion chart for ATP?WTA ratings
  What is the ITN?  "an international tennis number that represents a player’s general level of play. In time it is hoped that every tennis player worldwide will have an ITN"
  What is an LTA Rating? "a description of a persons tennis playing standard, much like a golf handicap, which enables organisers to place players in the right tournament or the right draw for competitive matches."
USTA Tennis Ratings 1 to 7 explained
    Rules improve your depth of understanding of the game


  Competition Rules and Regulations  from the ITF; online
    ITF Rules  downloadable pdf document
Rules of Tennis from USTA; Rules, The Code, Rules Faq
Hawkeye the ball tracking technology for help with decision making on close line calls
Hawkeye Tecnology to be introduced - an article from BBC Sport
   Equipment what you need, reviews -- under development 
Science and tennis      Rackets,   Shoes,   Hawk-eye


Tennis Equipment tips from Tennis Server

Notes on Purchasing a Racket
Racquet Tech one-stop location for all your equipment questions, resource needs, burning curiosities; database of string patterns, racquet selector, balance adjustment....
Siegfried Kuebler Racket design, collector; the inventor of the "widebody" racquet, the Wilson Profile and collector of antique rackets.
Racket Antiques - book of tennis rackets by Siegfried Kuebler
Know Your Rackets from Racket-Technique -a guide to rackets and strings; Tennis Tackets
Tennis String Forum Joe's Tennis String Forum presents string evaluations of other players to help to get informed about strings.
Tennis Shoes
   Faq  from About Tennis;  selection, foot type, flex point
   Sneakers development history of shoes, with pictures
  Tennis Warehouse Anatomy of a shoe, get your shoe size
   History of Nike
   Sneaker Academy  athletic shoes history; a time line for 1800's 
Tennis and Science 
  Science and Tennis
  Tennis Science
  ITF Research and Testing
  Nasa tests tennis balls
 Tennis ball bounce  A hot ball is pressurised more than a cold ball and bounces higher
               At the top levels balls are placed in pressurised cans so they don't lose pressure
                and opened just before the game starts

  Tennis ball bounce -hot v cold experiment - learn the background physics.
  Tennis Ball bounce from Exploratium; dropping balls, why do they bounce, hot v cold ......

Hawk-eye   a computer system used to track the ball at a range of sports
   Background from Wikipedia with history and applications
   The Hawk-eye website and its application to Tennis and Cricket
  Cricket Demo of Hawkeye
  Cricket Analsis with Hawk-eye - how it works and articles.
  Hawk-eye on BBC Sport Website; tennis.
  Tennis - Instant Replay
General Tennis Information  


  Results from Tennis   Complete tennis results, schedule and statistics from all tournaments. Players profile with individual statistics. Compare players, preview tennis games
Bella Online Tennis "The Voice of Women", covers beginners tennis, camps, instruction, equipment, players, tournaments and more...
Fox Sports-Tennis  provides news, photos, features, Rankings
Infoplease Tennis Easy-to-search, one-stop source of historic stats, bios and results
News Now - Tennis: news feed; online media monitoring of world tennis at all levels
Racquety Yak tips. message board, Live Chat
String Forum authentic string evaluations of other players should help make some decisions on strings.
Tennis Teaching Forum see if anyone can answer some of those difficult questions or let everyone know what you think about a tennis issue.
Tennis Magazine for all the tennis news
TennisONE - on-line tennis lessons and information
Tennis Chat rooms  a directory from ChatMag
US Tennis Court and Track Association  - the centralized source for information on tennis court and track guidelines for builders, manufacturers, professionals and consumers; Faq
Your Park Tennis about Anna Kournikova, Jelena Dokic, Maria Sharapova: photos, wallpapers, news, statistics, results, biography, skins, grand slams, rankings
World Tennis Ratings tennis ezine with articles
World Wide Web Tennis Server


 Governed by the ITF which was founded in 1913 by the national associations of 12 countries. Today the ITF is composed of the national tennis associations of 200 countries. The ITF 'circuits' provide the opportunities for players to develop for the top level tennis Pro Tours. The Circuits: Junior'sWomen'sMen's,    Davis Cup  Federation Cup    ATP and rankings
  International Tennis Federation news, men's, women's, juniors and seniors circuits, wheelchair, coaching, development, International Tennis Number, events, technical resources (including Faq, glossary, rules, equipment etc), Olympic and Paralympic events, Grand Slams, "Find a Player".
 Wheelchair Tennis from the ITF with the only rule difference that two bounces of the ball are allowed. Tournaments
  ATP - Men's Professional Tennis news, results, players, tournaments (Masters Series, Masters Cup, World Team Championships, Champions Tour), ATP rankings, Stats, Official Player sites
  ATP Rankings background and stats from Wikipedia
WTA -Women's Professional Tennis the world's premier professional tennis for women; news, results, players, tournaments, rankings, newsletter (Notes and Netcords)
ATP Tour Rankings and results from Steve G
        Davis Cup Since 1900,  Nations have competed each year for the Davis Cup. Currently hundreds of Nations  compete to belong to an elite World Group of 16, 8 of which are seeded by the Davis Cup Committee - the premier International team event in men's tennis, attracting the top athletes in the sport. Games are arranged on a home and away basis leading to the World Group Final in December. Below this elite group, countries compete in 4 levels within 3 zonal groups. Full details from the official site. See also Wikipedia    Tickets


  Official Site of Davis Cup news, round by round details, schedule, results, teams, players, Ranking, backgroup, history, winners...
Dwight's Little Pot - * an interesting collection of photos and early history of the Davis Cup. Well worth a look for those interested in this aspect
Davis Cup History a summary from HickOkSports
Davis Cup  from Tennis-X with schedule, records and useful stats
Tennis Australia
Lawn Tennis Association  covers the Great Britain interest
United States Tennis Association present the official side for the US team, with news, results and archived information
Coverage by sports servers: BBC Sport, USA TodayYahoo Sports, Msnbc,
  Federation Cup The Fed Cup is the ITF's top tournament for Women. 16 elite teams compete in two groups (World Group and World Group II), with first round ties early in the year followed by semi finals in July and Finals in September. World Group selection is via 3 Zonal competitions (America, Asia / Oceania, and  Europe / Africa) For more details see Wikipedia and the official site


  Official Website from the ITF; structure, news, champions, draws, teams by groups, rankings, history
Coverage by: USA Today, United States Tennis Association, BBC Sport


In terms of importance (and Ranking points) the tournaments for individual players rank as follows:
  The 4 Grand Slams:  Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon and The French Open
  The 9 Masters Series -part of the ATP  (mens) Tour:
          Indian Wells, Miami (Nasdaq), Monte Carlo, Rome, Hamburg
          Toronto/Montreal (alternates each year), Cincinnati, Madrid and Paris.
  The ATP Tour events Calendar
  Challengers Series  for young and promising players working their way up to  ATP tournaments
  Futures and Satellites commonly used in reference to minor professional or
                                           competitive junior tennis and are overseen by the ITF


    Grand Slam Tournaments     Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon and The French Open  Errikson
              Tennis Grand Slam Champions from HickokSports
             Grand Slam Mens Winners from Espn  Womens  
             Grand Slam records and stats  for men and women
        Australian Open        First Grand Slam of the year; mid January, first held on
  Australian Open official site; tournament site, news, draws, scoreboard, livescores, schedule
Visit Victoria and Melbourne the home of the event and enjoy other attractions while you are there.
HickokSports covers the background with history, champions and other resources.
  Coverage by SkySports, Australia Tennis, ABC Sport, ATP Tournaments  
Tickets for Australian Open from Tickco
       Wimbledon            See SportsVL presentation
  Wimbledon Tennis Championships the Official server; seeding, results, webcams, commentary, etc.
Wimbledon Visitor find information about Wimbledon to help with your visit.
       US Open                See SportsVL Presentation
  U.S. Open official site, with results, news, photos, and information from the 2000 US Open tournament. Also includes information on purchasing tickets and a seating chart for Arthur Ashe Stadium
        French Open
  French Open news, players, draws, scoreboard,
  Full background from Wikipedia
  History, Champions etc from HickokSports
  French Open stats and history from Tennis-X
  History Quiz on the French Open, from the About team
Coverage by: BBC Sport, CBS Sportsline,Espn, Sporting Life,
       Errickson Open   - the 5th Grand Slam?
  Ericsson Open  considered the "fifth Grand Slam" tournament because it is the only other tournament with a 128-player draw 
  Masters Series  


  Masters Series consisting of the ATP Tour's nine premier events with tournaments in Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Rome , Hamburg , Toronto/Montreal , Cincinnati, Paris and Madrid 
Tennis Masters Cup the men's season-ending tournament, with the top 8 performers of the year
     ATP Tour
   ATP Tour - over 70 tournaments, (Calendar) culminating in the Tennis Masters Cup, with the 8 top performers from the year invited to compete. Players, ranking, new, results, including challenger series and archived information.
    Coverage by SkySports, ABC Sport, BBC Sport
 Tour of Champions 12 events around the world, between March and December involving past heroes of the sport including  sporting legends such as Boris Becker, John McEnroe, Jim Courier, Goran Ivanisevic, Pat Cash and Thomas Muster. News, players,  results
     Challenger Series for young and promising players working their way up to ATP tournaments
                                               Details from Wikipedia
  Calendar of Events from ATP
Coverage by Men's Tennis Forums
     Futures and Satellites minor professional or  competitive junior tennis and are overseen by the ITF
  400 weeks of tennis, between 68%-74% of these weeks are made up of Futures Tournaments, the remainder being Satellites. All these tournaments take place in over 60 different countries each year.
Tournament details and  Calendar
  WTA the world's premier professional tennis for women. 60 Events in 31 Countries plus the FED CUP
National and Regional AustraliaEurope, USA


  (under development)    
   Tennis Australia  the governing body of tennis within Australia.
  Australian Tennis magazine   news
  Roy Emmerson  highlights of his career
  Europe        UK,  
     European Tennis Association news, Team/Club Championships, tennis trophy
   Eurosport Tennis   Live Tennis; news and calendars for ATP, WTP, Team Cups, Grand Slams,
     UK Tennis Information County Sites ( current problems)  
  Lawn Tennis Association "serving the future of British Tennis" Get playing - tips, Play tennis, FAQ on the game, new, interviews, club search, school zone, coach zone, fans zone, downloads.
County Sites
 Avon, Bedfordshire, Berkshire Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Channel Islands, Cheshire Cornwall Cumbria, Derbyshire Devon Dorset, Durham & Cleveland, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Herefordshire & Worcestershire, Hertfordshire, Isle of Man, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, Northamptonshire Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Yorkshire

All England Tennis Club  Wimbledon news, championship, video vault, Virtual Tour, Museum
BBC Sport Tennis UK and World tennis information, UK tournament results, news, archived information, rankings, tours, The Opens, rules, skills
British Tennis not the Tim and Greg show; key stories about the progress of British players other than Tim and Greg in tournaments around the world.
Essential Guide to British Tennis  news on the British teams and tournaments - Davis cup,
GB Tennis Girls "To improve professional women's tennis in Britain by providing a support system for all players";  player zone, articles, event calendar, find a partner, message board, resource centre.
Richard Bloomfield's personal site on tennis
What's Wrong with British Tennis - Forum Tennis Players, coaches and parents can use the forum to share their thoughts and ideas on how to improve British Tennis; unsung heros.

UK tennis club links a complete directory of lawn tennis club websites in the UK and Republic of Ireland, whether affiliated to their national associations or not. You should find your club here!
  United States Tennis Association governing body of tennis in the U.S.; operates the U.S. Open tournament
The Tennis Channel  a television-based multimedia destination dedicated to tennis and the healthy, active lifestyle that surrounds it - live tournaments, news, one-on-one interviews, game analysis and skills instruction,  giving viewers an all-access pass, with inside looks, behind-the-scenes coverage and a perspective this close to the action. The network canvasses the tours and trends of all racquet sports, including squash, badminton, racquetball, table tennis and paddle tennis.


  • Tennis Tech (UK) tennis, squash and badminton racquets and strings, stringing machines, balls and a wide range of accessories, all designed to incorporate the latest racquet technology at very competitive prices

Mostly commercial tennis sites    Tickets and Accommodation

Players Information                 Famous Players
  Tennis Info  ATP, WTA Rankings and Stats, as well as match stats, events.......
ATP Players  profile, activity, points breakdown etc
ATP Rankings and Results comprehensive and up to date information across the tennis scene; archive
  Pro Tours - Players, Rankings and Events from the Tennis.About team - a useful collection of links
Pro-tennis players from the LookSmart Directory websites for each player, arranged alphabeticall

Famous Players

Anna Kournikova official site, photos, news, facta, multimedia, links
Andy Roddick official Site; news, facts, schedule, fan page, forum
  Andy-Roddick profile, pictures, schedule, news archive
  Roddick Online  also very comprehensive
  Profile from Atp Tennis Yahoo Sports ESPN  Cbs Sportsline  Wikipedia
Greg Rusedski unofficial site; news, pictures or information on Greg.
Gustavo "Guga" Kuerten: - a selection of articles, pictures, links
Kim Clijsters  an unofficial fan site of the World tennis sensation, Kim Clijsters. This website is dedicated to all her fans in search of information about her.
Rafael Nadal   biography, career and records. Also Rafael Nadal pictures, videos and news.
Monica Seles, photos, news, results, schedule, head-to-head tournament results
Steffi Graf the original website, news, gallery
Tim Henman  official site. About Tim, Tim talks, news, match results, video and audio media database, FAQ
    Tim Henman World
Murray's World Fan site dedicated to British tennis player Andy Murray. Includes news, biography, career results, rankings, message board, and images.